Easy A Review

Easy A (2010)

Plot: A high school-aged girl named Olive lies to her friend about having sex with an unknown college-age boy. The friend tells everyone that Olive did the do, and the school goes mad spreading the rumor. Olive is then approached by a homosexual friend to lie and tell everyone they slept together. She does, and then the school further thinks she’s a slut. More and more people approach her for her faked services, and Olive continues to garner a spicy reputation. The hapless souls buy her non-services with gift cards to various places such as Best Buy and Olive Garden. Olive realizes after reading The Scarlet Letter in class that she should further capitalize on her bad reputation by wearing corsets and lace garters with a stitched-on red letter A on everything. Our hero eventually almost gets raped, loses her best friend, finds out a sexy secret about the school guidance counselor and the resident uber-Christian girl’s boyfriend, and gains the respect of her formerly slutty mom. Oh, and her secret crush from years ago comes back to save her from herself by agreeing to do a fake (everything about this movie is fake, apparently) webcast of a sexy situation between the two characters. Everyone realizes the girl is still a virgin and is no Hester Prynne. The movie ends with Olive stating she might sleep with the secret crush that evening, but it’s no one’s business (so then why bother saying it at all?).

Characters: Olive Penderghast (the main character with an unfortunate name), Rhi (the best friend raised by hippie parents), Todd (the crush who is also the school’s mascot), Marianne (the uber-Christian girl), Mrs. Griffith (school guidance counselor played by Lisa Kudrow), Mr. Griffith (husband to Mrs. G and Olive’s English teacher), Brandon (homosexual friend).

Setting (Place/Time): 2000s in perhaps California or some other always-sunny state

Moral (?) of the story: Love is a battlefield, so suit up and pretend to be a slut so that you get gift cards, which are infinitely more important than respect and adoration from classmates and potential suitors. Well, except for when you almost get raped; then it’s best to come clean and be yourself, even if that means you can’t get oodles of items for free.

Acting: No far stretch for anyone involved. Corny, over-the-top, smart, funny… no real complaints though.

Plusses: The characters didn’t all have trendeeee or off-the-wall names (I hate when they do!); a good message for young girls; a fair representation of high school (and hey! The characters were actually shown participating in a class discussion, which generally they aren’t in movies and shows).

Minuses: Olive’s mom’s reaction to the whole debacle seemed unrealistic, as did the overly Christian character’s obsession with Olive’s sexual escapades. Would anyone really care that some chick who was relatively unknown at the beginning of the film is a slut? And what, there was only one promiscuous girl in the entire high school?

Overall impression: Not bad. Not what I really expected given the trailers for the film, but I thought it was decent.

Grade:  C+


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